Margaret is a graduate of Economics and Statistics from the University of Benin. She has an MBA in Oil and Gas Management from the University of Dundee and a Diploma from the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London. Margaret Domingo-Mordi has several other certifications in Event Design Planning and Coordination from institutions home and abroad amongst which is the renowned Preston Bailey.

She started her career in the oil and gas industry, but Margaret being a creative soul knew life would be more exciting if she found a career that was fast-paced, where it would be something different each day unlike the regular 9 to 5.

In her own words “I love the adrenaline that pumps from creating something beautiful out of nothing every single time. So it was important that I followed my heart and passion.” Margaret Domingo-Mordi took a bold step to follow her passion in interior design and event planning, management and design. She went on to set up her own design and event management company; Platinum Signature Luxury Events in 2009. Looking back after 10 years of living her passion she said “Event planning allows me a lot of flexibility, it also made me a go-to person when seeking information in that area because of my love for creativity and attention to details.”

Today the company has grown bountifully under her leadership providing exceptional service in Nigeria and other countries around the world. Today, PS Luxury Events sets the pace for high end luxury events in Nigeria.

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